Made just for you

Partner with us to create your dream formula. We can create practically any formulation utilising our large library of ingredients, from skincare to cleaning products we are a firm that specialises in unique product development which enables you to own exclusive rights to your formula.

Formulations we can create

Moisturiser, serum, mask, cleanser, exfoliant, or any creative form of product that you can imagine

Hair Care
Shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, gel, mask, serum, or any creative form of product that you can imagine

Men’s Grooming
Haircare, skincare

Pet Care
Pet shampoo, grooming products, moisturiser

Household Cleaning Products
Green cleaners

Skin & haircare

Essential oil, diffuser

Our Process

Straightforward, uncomplicated, and created to assist you as you establish your business.


Inform us about your project. Set up your call by completing our
contact form

2. Discuss

Get on the phone or online meeting with one of our reps to discuss your project and exactly what you expect from our services. We will guide you through to fill our brief to help you create your dream formulation.

3. Confirm

You will receive a service agreement and NDA agreement to sign. We care about protecting your ideas, so this is an important step for your security.

4. Guidance

Project management will be key to achieving your dream product.
We will guide you to create timelines, contact packaging and
design companies and do it all promptly.

5. Sample

After signing the service agreement and NDA in the following two to three weeks, you will receive your first formula sample for you to test.

6. Testing

Once you are happy with the formulation it is a requirement to have stability testing for the EU, USA, and most of the markets. In our laboratory, we can perform stability tests. Once stability results are approved your formulation will be ready to send

7. Approval

Once approved, your dream formula will be with you in a detailed form including the method of manufacturing, ingredients list, suppliers, and quality parameters.

8. Manufacture

With your approved formula, we will guide you through choosing the best contract manufacturer to suit your needs and requirements.

Additional Services

Preservative Efficacy Test
Project Management
Clinical Testing
Finding your packaging partner
Your Product's Cost Analysis​


Reach out to our team of experts who will be happy to help with any questions you have.