What we can change

- Preservation system
- Viscosity (thickness of the product)
- Textural attributes (less tacky, absorbs quicker, etc..)
- Inclusion of bespoke ingredients

Our Process

Straightforward, uncomplicated, and created to assist you as you establish your business.

1. Inform

Inform us about your project. Set up your call by completing our contact form.

2. Discuss

Get on the phone or online meeting with one of our experts to discuss your desired changes and exactly what you expect from our services.

3. Confirm

You will receive a service agreement and NDA agreement to sign. We care about protecting your ideas, so this is anĀ importantĀ step for your security.

4. Sample

After signing the service agreement and NDA in the following two to three weeks, you will receive your first formula sample for you to test.

5. Approval

Once approved, your updated formula will be with you in a detailed form including the method of manufacturing, ingredients list, suppliers, and quality parameters


Reach out to our team of experts who will be happy to help with any questions you have.